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“Puerto Ricans Are Loud”

On post written by  Moniquealexandralourbridg:

This is such a great and fun article to read. I have to add my experience when it comes to being Puerto Rican and how other see you. While living in Los Angeles, CA I would be asked about my origin as soon as I opened my mouth (yep, I do have an accent) They would ask, “Are you Brazilian?” My answer was “I am Hispanic”. So they would then say, “Oh, you are Mexican then!” I would say, “No, I am Puerto Rican.” To that their answer was, “Puerto Rican!! What part of New York?” So this is when I started to say that I am Puerto Rican born and raised as soon as someone would ask those four words. WHERE ARE YOU FROM. So..yeah, it does get frustrating at times but it is the beauty of it and I would not trade being Puerto Rican for anything in the world.


On a recent trip to Puerto Rico with my friend Monica, I was curious to know why Puerto Ricans are stereotyped as being “loud”,

The island of PR is small.  My friend told me that sometimes it doesn’t even show on maps.  A simple Google search of various maps made me aware that this is indeed true.  Depending on the map publisher, the island of PR may not exist at all.  It makes me wonder, since the Lesser Antilles are much smaller islands than PR, why is it that the archipelago appears on the map?  Perhaps because it’s a grouping of islands? Most likely… Other times, PR does appear, but it’s so small, there is no room to add its name. It’s just a drawing of an unnamed piece of land.  So, it’s just another little piece of land in the Caribbean Sea.

I was told about the “coqui” –…

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