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I believe a few moments in your life take your breath away. Mine was taken away last May (2013) when I visited Spain for the first time. I was overwhelmed by happiness as I stepped out of the bus and stood in Plaza Cataluna, Barcelona, observing and taking in my surroundings the same way a baby does when he first opens his eyes to life. After some steps, I arrived to the Hotel Grand Ducat and my dream of coming to Spain starts its course.

So much to say …

As I walked up to Parc Guel (pictured above) in the beautitul city of Barcelona, I was left speechless, breathless.  This architectural masterpiece by Catalan Architect Antonio Gaudi is truly a beauty for your eyes, a delight for your senses. The smell of the beautiful garden which decorates the park brings that peaceful moment that you long for anytime of day.

La Sagrada Familia was another beauty in the hands of Gaudi. This Roman Catholic Church is a visual gift to anyone who has the pleasure of standing in any one of its surroundings. Whether you are standing in line outside or you are in the narrow steps inside the Cathedral, you will be amazed at how the most important part of history could almost be brought to life.

Staying in Plaza Cataluna was such a great recommendation by a friend’s friend. I was surrounded by the energy and beauty of Gothic City and Las Ramblas, which I probably walked over eight times. Walking this much and so many times was as entertaining as walking in Times Square, NY… with the exception of people taking their time to enjoy each and every step taken and acknowledging the person walking along their path. Clean streets could be noticed, as well as the variety of cultures walking them. So many languages accompanying so much architectural beauty.

Everyone has their own experience, their own story. I called this MY BARCELONA because it is my own story. A story of senses. Sight in the beauty of the city. Taste in the delicious tapas, the great Spanish wine. Smell in the flowers, the clean air. Hearing and Touch were felt through romance. I was fortunate to spend time with a friend I had met in NYC. As life works in mysterious ways we happened to arrive in this city the exact same day. He came for work. I came for pleasure. And with pleasure came the five senses I have already mentioned. Spending time with this beautiful Gallego was beyond my expectations (word I am not too fond of, by the way). God knows how in my past there has been a lack of affection in my life and it was in Barcelona, with my friend the Gallego, that I was able to get a glimpse of it. Loving words whispered in my ear, accompanied by tender touches, made me feel like a princess. Past wounds were being cured.

I will always thank God for this experience. It is the sound of this city, the memories of each step taken in it and the energy that it instilled in me that have made me fall in love and I cannot wait to go back and visit you….My Barcelona.


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